Friday, January 30, 2009

final assignment

Technology has improved my learning expierience in english11. I learned a lot of new technology and it will help keep me in pace with society. The wikispaces were a really fun activity that allowed us to express our creativity and use technology. I think that the technology we have used and learned has been a great benefit to my education.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

There's daggers in men's smiles

Macbeth hits the nail on the head when he says, “There’s daggers in men’s smiles.” In my life, I have received a number of these dagger filled smiles that represent pure evil. I remember one encounter with a coach very vividly. The morning was a hot and muggy one at New Richmond High School and the morning workout session was about to begin with the school’s personal trainer, Nicole. The morning started out as usual with a dynamic stretch warm up and then on to an intense power circuit. The power circuit was by far the hardest workout Nicole had in place for us athletes in New Richmond and it included short but rapid workout stations that punished the whole body through agility, speed and core workouts. After, that test of endurance it was time for some athletes to enter the weight room and lift but in my case I didn’t have to lift. I didn’t have to lift because according to the football workout plan you are supposed to take a day off in between lifting days to allow muscle growth or you can still come to do core workout out as extra, as I chose to do. Since I didn’t have to lift, I approached one of my football coaches and asked him to sign me out for the day because I was going to the track for a run but another coach from a different sport who was standing by looked at me with daggers in her smile and said, “You can’t leave yet. You haven’t lifted today,” and politely explained that I lifted yesterday and today I was not supposed to lift. But oh no, that was not good enough for her. She firmly believed that you had to do auxiliary lifts on non lifting days. But then for a second time I explained to her that I completed all my day one lifts yesterday including auxiliaries but oh no, that wasn’t good enough for her. So my coach, who was standing watching this debate and who was the creator of the football workout plan, corrected her told her that I was doing as instructed but oh no she knew she was right and would not be told otherwise. As a result, my coach told me I could leave and he told the coach to focus on her own athletes that were not even in attendance. It fell on me then that some people just like to make problems for others and that coach was one of them.

There's daggers in men